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Plaintiff Services

Business Bankruptcy Preference Action Services:

  • Create Preference Cases: The firm excels at taking boxes of documents and turning them into unbeatable preference cases. It also has access to industry data for virtually all types of business.
  • Evaluate and Find Weaknesses in Defendant Defenses: Not only can we create airtight cases, we can also drill through opponents cases to find weaknesses that will enhance the Plaintiff’s return.
  • Appear in Depositions: If needed, our president is available for depositions should a case not settle. Having been deposed in numerous cases, by all sorts of aggressive attorneys, he is experienced at handling the most difficult questioning.
  • Assist in Mediation: After preparing a preference case, we are available to participate in mediations, either as the lead negotiator or to assist the legal counsel handling the matter. By working with the Plaintiff’s representative we can strengthen the Plaintiff’s preference claim.
  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony Should a Case Go to Court: We are in no way restricted, as some certified expert witnesses are, who hold other full-time jobs.

Collection Services: On A Completely Contingency Fee Basis!

  • Collect Preference Settlements: Our specially trained collectors have been instructed in the intricacies of preference cases and apply this knowledge to obtain the largest settlements possible at a very reasonable cost.
  • Collect Duplicate Payments, Unclaimed Property & Other Areas Typically Overlooked By Estates: Our collectors are also skilled at recovering duplicate payments that may have been on the Plaintiff’s books at the bankruptcy filing date. They first determine what payments have been made two or more times and proceed with recovery of these duplicate payments. The service costs are on a fully contingency basis so if we don’t increase the cash of the estate through our efforts, no charge occurs.
  • Collect Outstanding Receivables: Our collectors are also skilled at recovering any uncollected receivables that may have been on the Plaintiff’s books at the bankruptcy filing date. While it is critical to recover assets of the estate as soon as possible, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible so that we can enhance the overall collections and cash for the estate.

To discuss these services in greater detail, please call us at (302) 832 - 6980.


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