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Business CD & Books

CD presentations & Books written by D & H’s Business Executives.

What a Preference Expert Witness Can Do for Your Case

A detailed “Webinar” on CD with handouts of what a Preference Expert Witness can offer in the way of support in defense of a preference action from “Both Sides of the Bench”.


Essentials of Cash Flow

The difference between a successful thriving company and one that flounders is sometimes simply how cash is handled. By scrutinizing all functions and instituting best practices, financial executives can make that crucial difference to their companies. The Essentials of Cash Flow looks at all relevant functions including, the order-to-cash cycle, the purchase-to-pay cycle, the sales function, dispute resolution and much much more, and provides real-life solutions to the related issues that can plague a company’s lifeblood, its cash flow.


Credit Risk Management

A case studies book that provides the foundation for making a sound business credit decision and then lets readers match their skills against others in the credit profession. The author shares the conclusions of other credit professionals who have used these cases and then provides the real-life outcome.

How do you think you would fare?


Financial Customer Service: A Guide to Making Smarter Business Decisions

The best selling book on this topic. It provides a blue print for those who wish to set up a Financial Customer Service Department in their own organization.


The CD can be purchased on line at These Books can  be ordered through at or from the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons Inc. from their web site at

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