(John Wiley & Sons) by Hal Schaeffer, President, D & H Credit Service Inc.

In today’s economy it has become more important than ever for a corporation to control its flow of cash. without a flow of cash into a company, it would become insolvent. Cash flow from a financial sense is the analysis of all the changes that affect the cash account during an accounting period. It is essential element for the success of any corporation. Essentials of Cash Flow will provide financial managers with an overview of what cash flow is and how they can improve their own cash flow cycles. It examines such issues as:

  • Improving the order-to-cash cycle and purchase-to-pay cycle
  • How to get cash from a customer that has filed for bankruptcy
  • How to prevent sales from hurting cash flow
  • How purchasing can maximize corporate cash
  • Preventing deductions/disputes before they cause cash flow deterioration
  • Customer Service enhancements to improve cash flow
  • Preventing shipping problems that can drain cash flow, and special considerations when selling to dot-coms and other start-ups