Commercial Credit Department Training

D & H Credit has done numerous onsite seminars that are custom made for the firms that have requested them. We have also provided our clients with a custom made credit course book that can be used to assist in the training of both new and seasoned credit managers. This course book is designed to meet the individual clients specific needs so that no two are alike.


 Some of the courses offered in the past included:

 Safeguarding Your Business Against Bankruptcies

Provides credit professionals with a step-by-step action plan to insure that they will be able to build a defense should a debtor’s estate hit their company with a preference action. It also includes a brief review of the permissible defenses to preference actions.


 Negotiate Successful Credit & Collection Strategies: A Case Studies Approach

Based on real life examples this course shows attendees how to evaluate the available information, “read the customer”, and put together a strategy to successfully negotiate a successful final conclusion to thorny credit and collection problems.


 And Many, Many More!

Tell us what your headaches are and we will create the course to solve your problems. We’ve develop courses for credit and non-credit organizations, Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-size firms.