Cash Flow and Credit Department Reviews & Evaluations

Over the years, D & H Credit has been able to help firms improve their cash flow by reviewing and recommending changes to their credit and collections function. We first assess the way the firm does business from the time an order is placed by the customer and followed its progress until it was paid or written off as a loss. Using this data, D & H Credit is able to provide a comprehensive report that highlights the changes needed to bring the organization to peak efficiency.


One of our largest customers found itself as a merger partner shortly after D & H Credit completed its work. The newly formed Fortune 10 firm used D & H Credit’s focal points as the foundation for the newly formed venture’s policy and procedures manual. This suitably impressed the new partner and the credit department was viewed as the shining jewel of all the merged finance groups.


We assisted these firms in implementing our focal points. Our client was finally provided with a custom-made credit handbook to use for the training of new and seasoned credit managers.