Speaker at Seminars/Conferences

Speaking Engagements

D & H Credit provides speakers for Legal, Business and Credit events at both the local and national levels. Its President, Hal Schaeffer, C.C.E., C.E.W., as well as its other officers have been featured at both national and local events. They frequently address industry credit groups, legal conferences and business meetings. Some programs that we have presented in the past includes:


“Old Law/New Law, Enhancing Counsel’s Representation”

Presented at the New York Bar Association, this customized seminar covered some of the most recent changes in the bankruptcy law and how the use of a certified bankruptcy preference expert witness can aid an attorney on “both sides of the bench”.


“ Is your Credit Department an Information Warehouse”

As we all know, the credit department tracks and maintains a large volume of information. Is there a way that you, the credit professional can use this information to add value to your company? For example, can the information you gather be used to locate new customers? Can the credit department help the purchasing department “check-out” new suppliers? If your company is acquiring new businesses, or divesting businesses, can the credit department be of service in those processes? This session explores these ideas and more. This presentation was made for the NACM at its National Credit Congress.


And Many, Many More!

Tell us what you had in mind for your event and we will customize our presentation to dazzle your audience.